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Documenting Canada’s descent into Collectivism. We break the narratives of our country’s MSM . We expose and break down propaganda. We’ve had enough BS from this Regime, and their psychological war on our communities. This show is about pushing back.

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6 days ago

Some articles, some news. It's all happening.

7 days ago

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Friday May 10, 2024

Short article by James Lindsay "Marxism is a Cult Religion".
Some news and headlines.

Thursday May 09, 2024

Podcasting solo isn't turning my crank. I'll keep doing interviews and discussions, but I am pretty busy these days. Bird flu is on the radar big time however.
We look at a few stories and clips of interest today.
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Monday May 06, 2024

Dr. Chris Milburn : PAIRODOCS on Substack . freespeechinmedicine.comTwitter: @thepairodocs, Gettr: @pairodocs
Limina: Human Responsibilities Tribunal
Jamie Paquin, Japan. Heavenly Vines :
Topics revolved around:Excess deaths does not necessarily mean depopulation agenda.Fertility empireJohn Campbell is not super great.Flawed trauma model.ScamdemicCourage in the face of rising threats ( totalitarianism ). What is a warrior?Masculinity in decline.Health and wellness.

Saturday May 04, 2024

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Monday Apr 29, 2024

The Human Responsibilities Tribunal, on a panel chat about Addictions- then and now, solutions outside the SYSTEMS' paradigms.
Panelists :
The Human Responsibilities TribunalRumble:
Graham: Audiobooks Events and Trips
Dave:@FreedomConvoPod - Twitter

Saturday Apr 27, 2024

Rachael is someone I've been following on Facebook and she goes by the moniker of "Rachael Has Had Enough". I enjoy her social media posts and invited her to speak with me about the COVID Scam. She's a healthcare worker with the elderly.
She's a very nice lady and I thank her for her time today. 

Thursday Apr 25, 2024

I'm getting married and getting the hell out of Canada I hope.


Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

Wednesday Apr 24, 2024

news, clips and article part 1.
Is Canada a failed state?
Louisiana bound!!!!!


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